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12-Step Support Near Memphis

Throughout the world, 12-Step programming is known as one of the most effective methods of helping people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The steps themselves can be easy to understand at first glance; however, applying them to your life can prove to be much more difficult. Thankfully, programs that use the 12-Steps (such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous) can help you develop the skills needed to make recovery possible.

When you finished professional treatment, you may have been given an aftercare plan designed to help you continue to succeed in your recovery. If so, a major part of this aftercare plan likely included your participation in AA or NA meetings in your area.

12-Step programs like AA and NA connect people in the community who are looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. These meetings allow you to share your experiences with the disease of addiction, as well as listen to the experiences of others. In doing so, everyone involved can develop positive coping skills and receive support.

If you live in Memphis and are looking for 12-Step meetings, you are in luck. Throughout the area, numerous meetings are offered. Some meetings might be only focused on one step, and others might be closed. However, there are enough meetings that you can find one that fits your recovery needs best. To find out where meetings are located, please visit the following links:

Additional Local Resources

For some, support groups outside of 12-Step meetings are more appropriate for their needs. If you are living in Memphis and are struggling with addiction, grief, and/or suicide (including suicidal thoughts, tendencies, and behaviors), there is specialized help available. Hope Church in Memphis offers support groups for these specific concerns. More information about these support groups can be obtained by clicking the links below:

For Loved Ones

When someone you love is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, the psychological and emotional toll it can take on you can be overbearing. Thankfully, options for support are available in your community so that you can get the care you need at this time.

Popular community programs such as Al-anon and Alateen are 12-Step based programs that can help you develop healthy coping skills in regards to the presence of addiction in your life. Through these programs, you can share your experiences with others who have likely experienced similar situations. This process can help foster emotional wellbeing, as well as support amongst individuals within the community.

While 12-Step programming can be extremely beneficial for addicted individuals, those in recovery, and the loved ones of those who are addicted, there are also other programming options available to individuals who are grappling with other mental health concerns. In particular, there are several people living in Memphis who have a loved one who is a military service member or a veteran who is struggling with mental illness. If you are a loved one of someone who is experiencing these challenges, you have many opportunities to participate in support groups that speak to your specific needs. To find out more information, please visit the following link:

Making the Most of Meetings

When you decide on the 12-Step meetings or support groups that fit you best, it can be highly beneficial to participate in them to the fullest extent so you can make the most of them. Many people living in Memphis have benefitted from 12-Step programming and additional support groups, and you can, too. When you find strength in your own recovery, you can offer your support to others.

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